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15 Reasons for you to have Online Video promoting your Products & Services

Video is a powerful tool for your business; increasing traffic to your site, improving
your search engine rankings, plus increasing branding and awareness of your business.
View these Video Marketing Stats for 2015 created by Adélie Studios
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The Benefits of Video

Video is a fast, effective way to get your messages out and is a proven medium for presenting complex visual information.

Videos by Sydney Video Productions will demonstrate effectively your business services or products, your success stories, new initiatives and innovation. It is particularly effective in portraying your business today and tomorrow.

Sydney Video Productions can communicate your message clearly and succinctly for promotion at conferences, on the web, at tradeshows and in business meetings. We will create a vibrant impression for organisations, large and small. We have high production values, which will give the video a long life for multiple displays.

Website Video Production

Internet video production is a powerful tool for your business, which can increase traffic to your site, improve your search engine rankings, and increase branding and awareness about your business.

Online video is one of the newest trends in website content to get your highly targeted message across. Many businesses in Australia are now using web video production to stay ahead of their competition as part of their overall communication strategy.

Online video gives a more personal interaction between you and your customers. By using visual and sound on your website, you can capture the attention of your audience, provide information quickly about your products and services, and increase revenue.











82% of all Australians steamed a video online last month

12 of 23hours the average Australian spent online, was spent viewing video

The 15-34 age group spend 2/3 of their online time streaming video