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Capture presentations, seminars and events on film.

Online video can maximise your audience and dramatically extend the shelf life of your event. Your event can now be shared across the world to an audience on any device.



Event Videos, Seminar Videography & Event Video Production

Event videos (seminar videos) or event videography (seminar videography)  is one of the most engaging ways to capture the action and demonstrate your brand, message and story. Creating online event videos of the function allows you to extend your audience considerably, by creating a promotional or education tool that will help you to communicate your message for years after the actual event, consistently bringing in new business.

With our extensive experience in special event video production, we are the perfect company to document your event ensuring the maximum exposure for each function/event.

Don’t be limited by one venue, increase reach and audience size with an online video of your event.

Event Video Production & Seminar Video Production

Event video production works as a creative marketing tool. A visual representation of your events encourages potential clients to take the next step in cementing you in as their next business partner.

Sydney Video Productions have the professional skills to create publicity and promotional videos from your event or seminar. High Definition video and a soundtrack capture all the movement, colour and flavour of the occasion. We create the visual and audio record with professional expertise and creative style, appropriate for your requirements.

Event Videos | Extend Your Audience

One of the easiest ways to build depth in your online video catalogue is to record existing events, seminars and presentations at which you’re hosting or speaking. By capturing these and editing down to a digestible online format, you can greatly extend the shelf-life of that presentation and extend your audience indefinitely online.

We specialise in online video distribution using multiple platforms such as your website, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or specialised video hosting companies, plus we can create disc versions for manual distribution of your video. An event can easily be divided up into a series of online videos that your customers can view on demand.

Event videography is an engaging way to convey your message and brand to your audience. This creative medium is an effective tool for engagement and building relationships with current or potential clients.

Your next event could be your next advertising tool. Stand out and give context to your business

o Event videography is an engaging way to convey your message and brand to your audience. This creative medium is an effective tool for engagement and building relationships with current or potential clients.
Event videos can highlight key moments of any function, seminar or event. Sharing these video online allows you to extend your audience considerably, or turn it into a digital product that you can re-sell. These options mean a much better ROI for your event
Drive traffic to your website and convert people into paying customers. Videos can be the path to online success because while they make you look good, they’re also achieving results
A key benefit of an event video is that it can be used to promote future events; people want to know what  they can expect from an event before they attend – online video is the perfect way to show them
Reaching out to your customers with something unique and different has the potential to be the most effective marketing tool you’ve ever had
Because online video is proven to skyrocket customer engagement and that directly translates to better conversions, video will open up an all new revenue stream for your business

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