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Project Description

Producing event videos of fashion runway shows records and distributes the Romance Was Born, Cooee Culture range online. Online video makes your collection real, tangible and accessible to your audience, and customers are more likely to stop, watch and buy.  Video is faster to comprehend, and far more effective than other methods of communication.

Cooee Culture  was held at NSW Art gallery as part of the . The Romance Was Born Cooee Culture fashion show was styled and produced by .

Romance Was Born Cooee Culture | Producing Event Videos

“Romance was Born’s Collection 1 2017 is a gothic nocturne of ethereal beauty and wonder. The mode is inspired by the austere romanticism of the Victorian era, Pre-Raphaelite mysticism and the freedom of the Belle Époque. The Queen Of The Night collection offers the purest form of beauty, that of nature. Featuring the majesty of birds and flowers, whose evanescent beauty is captured in exquisite detail by Gary Heery in his dark and moving portraits. Romance Was Born interpret Heery’s portraiture as stunning placements set on a dramatic black backdrop of glamorous silks digitally printed on velvet, satin, crepe de chine and pure cotton poplin. Dresses and blouses are fashioned with the sleeve of the season, which is distinctly Victorian being ruched or ruffled with the volume of a pagoda or the fullness of a gigot. Making an elegant statement out of the humblest gesture. Seductive florals lure the eye with wanton fleshy petals in a display of crimson tulips, alabaster lilies, magnolia, dainty cherry blossom and rare cactus blooms. Arranged as an abundant everlasting mosaic in what RWB are calling the flora still life or in striking modernity with the simple and balance of ikebana. From petals to plumage and oh what plumage! The vivid detail of Heery’s birds is nothing short of spectacular, before his lens they dance mid flight fanning their feathers in an array of wing spans and tail tips plunging talons…”